Turn Back Time

Turn Back Time

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This program was developed to open the door for those of you who want younger skin without using harsh chemicals and products. The Cryo T-Shock naturally facilitates the bodies own restorative properties with each session building onto the next. We will address the neck creases or loose skin as well as into the Decollate.

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Receive 8 anti-aging facials combined with neck & decolette treatments over 4 weeks.

We chose a 4 week length for this program because the skin regenerates itself approximately every 27 days. By the end of our treatments you will have gracefully turned back the hands of time as you step into a new phase of naturally bright and beautiful skin.

Benefits Include:

  • smoothing of facial lines, blemish reduction, decrease in wrinkles, and tightening of skin within a few minutes.
  • A full set of applications (4-8) will naturally begin to renew production of collagen
  • Puffiness around the eyes will be significantly reduced or totally eliminated.