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Bombshell Bridal Package

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The bride-to-be is always the VIP here at CBC! You've done all the work to prepare for your big day and now it's your chance to revive and refresh with this dynamic treatment combination.

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Choose which treatment best meets your needs:

* It is recommended that treatments other than the facelift be scheduled a few days before an event*

  • Fire & Ice Facelift treatment is included (can be done the day of or before a big event)
  • Fat removal / toning / or cellulite treatment
  • 60-90 Minute Sessions
  • Treatment areas: face, neck, chest, arms, legs & stomach

Target Specific areas to look your best on your big day

In your session we will target the area that you want to show off the most in your gown with the CryoToning for tightening any loose skin and/or the CryoSlimming for fat and cellulite reduction. Then we add the signature Fire and Ice FaceLift so you can match your beautiful smile to a radiantly fresh and de-stressed bridal glow.

The benefits of cryotherapy

  • Can be used anywhere on the body to target fat, cellulite, and loose skin
  • Reduces and can eliminate fine lines, wrinkles and sun spots over time.
  • Non-invasive with no or minimal discomfort
  • No dangerous chemicals or substances
  • Boosts circulation
  • Relieves inflammation
  • Stimulates collagen and elastin production
  • Preserves non-fat cells
  • Visible benefits after two sessions
  • Widely tested in Europe
  • Treatment areas: face, neck, chest, arms, legs & stomach