Retrain the Brain

Retrain the Brain

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2 hour session

If you decide to take your health and wellness to the next level, Angela is also a Theta Healing Practitioner. This field of study is incredibly easy and resourceful in changing emotional patterns that leads to discouraging weight gain. Our negative emotions have an enormous impact on what goes on biologically in our bodies. The space that is created in a session with Angela will be more then your normal weight loss routine.

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Session Focus:

During this session we focus on rewiring old habits, hormonal response and motivation for lasting weight management. You will explore how to bring ease and comfortability in creating lasting body confidence. If you are ready to reach major transformation goals, we are here to support the process.

Learn how to:

  • Stop self sabotaging behaviors
  • Change hard-wired food associations
  • Transform negative attitudes towards physical activity into pleasurable events
  • Learn easy take home tools to assist in making lasting changes