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10 Week Transformation Program

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Be bolder than your current circumstances and invest in a total transformation. Questions? Book a FREE consultation now.

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This total transformation plan includes 5 weeks of  specific cryotherapy treatments & body contouring PLUS 5 weeks of elite wellness coaching by Kim Hynes.

What you will gain through this powerful package is a full 10 week support system that offers:

  • 5 Cryo T-Shock fat elimination treatments 
  • Fit-spiration book included- a guided daily gratitude journal to set goals, track progress and stay inspired
  • 90 minute cryotherapy sessions
  • Thermographic fat analysis for precise targeting
  • Improve and create sustainable eating and lifestyle habits Understand your emotional eating and create a better relationship with food
  • Understand and curb cravings
  • Understand your individual body and how the food you eat affects it
  • Feel confident serving your family healthy food
  • Make self-care and stress relief a priority
  • Create better sleep habits
  • Learn to set and accomplish goals made just for you
  • Explore new foods and how to shop for them and prepare them
  • Feel better in your body and increase your energy
  • Learn how food affects your gut, hormones, mood and sleep


Read more about Kim's passion for helping others achieve wellness on her blog.

Receive full support and motivation as you elevate your mind and body towards achieving your goals on the next level.

It is time to invest in what that would look like to be the best version of you. The support, technology, compassion and knowledge is all here. Each session will cater to how you experience change within the mind and body as to keep you balanced and modify treatments to fit your personalized journey. 


Angela and Kim are a powerful team, together they have the capability to completely revolutionize your body, mind, and lifestyle.

 Invest in your happiness. Find your tribe. Together we can make real, lasting change happen for you. Call today, make your purchase, or schedule a free consultation.